Monday, August 16, 2010

August 13, 2010

Commodore 16 Egg

This really brings me back. Back to a time when a computer hooked up to your black and white TV. When you had a huge book filled with Spaghetti Code that you would spend hours entering only to find out that it either didn't work...OR...just gave you a gnarly ASCII wave that sped down your screen in 1 second. Now THAT was elation.

There was just this feeling of empowerment when as a kid I was able to manipulate a machine and make cool things (they were really Rad at the time) appear on my TV. Sure, it was nerdy. But, damn did I feel awesome. does this egg. He's living the high life for sure.

In case you were wondering, the Egg's code reads:

10 This Sucks
20 Go To 10
30 Still Sucks
40 Go To 30
50 This Won't Work

I know what you are saying, "Stupid Egg, that won't work." Well, I think he is fully aware off that. This is just his "frustration code." You know, the code you enter when you are at your wit's end...or the random swear word you enter in Google when you don't know what to type. You know it won't amount to anything, but you do it anyway. Good luck, Egg. You tell that Commodore who's boss. And, at that time, it was probably Tony Danza.

Finished Size: about 3" x 2"


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