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November 16, 2010

Phone Tag: You're It

The following is a phone conversation between Gumdrop Andy and his buddy, Cthulhu. They met on this day last year. (Note the awesome old school phone that Cthulhu still uses)

Andy: Hey Cthulhu, how've you been?
Cthulhu: Oh, just fine, Andy.
Andy: It's been a while. I've been thinking of visiting you in a few months.
Cthulhu: That sounds great. Seriously, my schedule is wide open.
Andy: Awesome!
Cthulhu: Yeah, for the first time in years, I don't have any major events coming up. I'm just enjoying the holidays...getting ready for Thanksgiving and such.
Andy: Me too. Trying not to eat too much.
Cthulhu: Now THAT'S been harder for me. I just can't stop devouring people, demons and animals. Hey, it's what I do.
Andy: What are you gonna do, right?
Cthulhu: Exactly. Take me as I am.
Andy: You know, that's what I've been telling some of my friends. I'm sweet and trusting. That's not gonna change.
Cthulhu: Hey, that's why I didn't eat you! Well, that and my diabetes. Ha!
Andy: Ha HA! Boy, I can't wait to come out there. How is Vhoorl these days?
Cthulhu: Awesome. Great weather. Good food.
Andy: What can we do down there?
Cthulhu: Gosh, anything really. There's a couple nice strip clubs I frequent.
Andy: you're talkin'.
Cthulhu: You may be TOO sweet for those, though.
Andy: True. But, no matter what, as long as we are hangin' out, it'll be fun.
Cthulhu: Sweet. Hey, sorry to bolt, but I have sweet potatoes in the oven. I'm perfecting the recipe for next week. Talk to you soon, buddy.
Andy: Great. Take care. Bye.
Cthulhu: Bye.

Finished Size: about 2" x 2.25"


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