Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1, 2010

Squid Plantation
"I'm up to my Ears in Squids, Ahhhh!"

I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. This is a reference to my pal Matt's post on Facebook yesterday. He had an anonymous texter, and he decided to have some fun with the kid. Hilarious. Anyway, here is an excerpt:

"(me) Good guy. There's another guy named Andre Dawson that you should meet
(some guy) Ok
(me) So you just sleepin all day lol
(some guy) Lol I might hang out with friends
(me) Cool. I'm working til 6 at the squid plantation. Lol (AT THIS POINT HE STILL DOESN'T SUSPECT IT'S SOMEONE HE DOESN'T KNOW!!!!)
(some guy) Lol sounds lik fun
(me) Sounds lik lots of fun rite!!!! I'm up to my ears in squids!!!! Ahhhhh!
(some guy) Lmao
(me) Lol.
(some guy) U crazy bro haha"

I lost it at this point. So, I could not stop thinking about that darned squid plantation, and I had to sketch a very tiny one. I really don't know if I could work there. Squid are just too smart and shifty.

Thanks for the laughs, Matt.

Finished Size: about 2.5" x 2"


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