Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 6, 2010

10 Years

10 years ago, on this day, I proposed to Patrizzia. No, I didn't have any crazy thing set up. Honestly, I was too nervous anyway. And, she was sick the day before. So, I went to see her on the 6th, and we were in her room. She started to collect Swarovski crystal figures back then. So, I bought her the Swan figurine, and I slipped the ring around its neck. I'll never forget her face when she opened up her "little gift" and saw it. Instant tears and smiles. I'll never forget that day. Thank you for 15 wonderful years together, Patrizzia. I love you.

This is a sketch of her engagement ring, by the way.
Finished Size: about 1" x 1.5"


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