Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April 6, 2010


Come on Cubs. Seriously? You're going to do that to us? I waited 6 months for opening day of my favorite days of the year...and you just took a big steaming shit on it. Worst opening day loss since 1884? Really? I couldn't even finish the game. Last I saw it was 13-5. Boy, I'm glad I didn't see those extra three runs the Braves tacked on...because that would've really made it worse. Suck on that sarcasm. I can take a loss. Hell, I can take an ass whoopin'...but not on opening day. At least make it competitive. Bad base running...poor defense, and a couple of TERRIBLE pitching lines from Carlos and Jeff. Holy smokes. 6 months of waiting...and only 2 innings before I was just disgusted. Don't worry, though. I'll be back...again and again because I guess I just like being punished for being a diehard Cubs fan. I used to be so positive with this team..even when they opened up the 1997 season losing 14 in a row. But now? I guess I am just getting tired of getting upset so often. Oh well.

Oh, and in the drawing, the bat is yelling at the 2 balls for doing a shitty job. At least he scored 5 runs. That "should" usually be enough to win. (Bat and 2 balls placement entirely done on purpose)

Finished Size: about 2" x 3"


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