Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 22, 2009

Belial: You have called upon death, and it has arrived.
Gumdrop Andy: Um...I'm pretty sure I didn't call upon death.
Belial: I make no mistakes. You beckoned me.
Gumdrop Andy: I just wanted to talk to someone. I was kinda lonely.
Belial: Oh. Well, I guess that changes everything.
Gumdrop Andy:'s everything going with you?
Belial: Nobody has ever asked that of me before. Your sweetness is overwhelming.
Gumdrop Andy: Thanks Belial.
Belial:, I've been just kinda hangin' out. Watching old episodes of "What's Happening" on DVD. Rerun always makes me feel better.
Gumdrop Andy: Hey hey hey!
Belial: Exactly.
Gumdrop Andy: Ahhh...I love that old stuff. So innocent.
Belial: You really bring out the best in people, don't you?
Gumdrop Andy: So I've been told.
Belial: Well, I really should go. Gotta girl to possess with a few of my pals. It's been nice to meet you Andy. Catch you later. Oh, and can you do me a favor? Don't tell anybody about this. I've got a reputation to uphold. Thanks.
Gumdrop Andy: Yeah. No problem. Take care!.....Whew.

Finished Size: about 3" x 4"


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