Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November 18, 2009

Can I help you?
Cthulhu gently picks up Gumdrop Andy and raises him to eye level.

Cthulhu: You called me from beyond?
Gumdrop Andy: Umm....yes...I did.
Cthulhu: What can I do for you?
Gumdrop Andy: Uhh...well, do you see that demon down there?
Cthulhu: *looks* Yes...I see that pathetic creature.
Gumdrop Andy: He was trying to eat me.
Cthulhu: Because you are so sweet, I assume.
Gumdrop Andy: Yeah. That's probably why. So...can you get rid of him for me?
Cthulhu: *sigh* I would normally just eat you both, but I'm kind of in a "savory" mood...and my Diabetes is acting up. So, you're off the hook. Plus, there is something that I like about you.
Gumdrop Andy: Thanks so much, Mr. Cthulhu!
Cthulhu: Call me Lou.
Gumdrop Andy: Thanks Lou!

And so, on that day, Gumdrop Andy and Cthulhu became friends. "Lou" ate that pesky demon and vanished back to Vhrool. Before going, he told Gumdrop Andy to hold on to the Necronomicon and to call him whenever he needed help. Well done, Andy.

Finished Size: about 5" x 5"


Patrizzia said...

Ha ha this is a good one. Thank Goodness for Andy, his diabetes was acting up... lol! Funny!

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